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Wir freuen uns, Euch die WebSite von Ligmincha Österreich in neuem Gewand vorstellen zu dürfen. Als Teil von Ligmincha International, stellt Ligmincha Österreich die Aktivitäten von Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche sowie die Sangha in Österreich vor.

Kommende Veranstaltungen

Termine von Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche 


January 7–29, 2017

Location: Your computer
Subject: Interactive online course: 'Awakening the Sacred Body'
More information: www.glidewing.com/twr/awakening_home.html

January 24–March 09, 2017

Einladung von Rinpoche zu 7 wöchigen Teachings auf Facebook
Learn more at / mehr Infos unter http://www.ligminchalearning.com/twr-live

Die Termine: 24.Januar bis 9.März 2017
Dienstags und Donnerstags um 19:00 MEZ


This seven-week series reveals the power of your own sacred breath (prana, lung) to bring profound healing at all levels of body, energy, and mind. Each Tuesday Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche offers a free teaching and/or guided meditation; each Thursday he answers questions and elaborates on the previous Tuesday session. Total: 14 sessions.

January 24 & 26: You Are Not Your Pain
January 31 & February 2: An Introduction to Your Eternal Body
February 7 & 9: Meditation on Body, Speech and Mind
February 14 & 16: Healing Through Awareness of Your Precious Winds
February 21 & 23: Meditation on Dissolving the Ego
February 28 & March 2: Meditation on Dissolving Fear
March 7 & 9: Meditation on Dissolving Pain

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January 28–29, 2017

Location: Pasadena, California
Subject: The Seven Mirrors of Dzogchen, Part 3 of 3
Contact: Darlene Sessions
Tel: (+1) 909-949-3966
Email Darlene Sessions
Website: Ligmincha California


February 4, 2017

Location: Mt. Diablo Unitarian-Universalist Church, Walnut Creek, CA
Subject: Awakening the Luminous Mind
Contact: Phil Rohrer
Tel: (+1) 925-686-2328
Email Phil Rohrer
Website: Mt. Diablo Unitarian-Universalist Church

February 10–12, 2017

Location: Houston, Texas
Subject: The Yogas of Sleep and Clear Light
Email Ligmincha Texas
Website: Ligmincha Texas
Facebook Page: Ligmincha Texas

February 11, 2017

Location: Your computer
Subject: Free Live Webcast: Living with Joy, Dying in Peace, Part 6: Helping Loved Ones through Sickness and Death
Time: 3–4:10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (New York time)
Learn more
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February 25–March 19, 2017

Location: Your computer
Subject: Interactive online course: 'Healing from the Source: Meditation as Medicine for Body and Mind'
More information: www.glidewing.com/twr/healing_from_the_source_home.html

MARCH 2017

March 17–19, 2017

Location: Chamma Ling Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Subject: Twenty-One Nails, Part 3
Contact: Ligmincha Mexico
Tel: (+52) 726-262-1818
Email Ligmincha Mexico
Website: Ligmincha Mexico
Facebook Page: Ligmincha Mexico

March 24–26, 2017

Location: Berkeley, California
Subject: Seven Mirrors of Dzogchen (Part 2 of 3)
Contact: Laura Shekerjian
Tel: (+1) 510-849-2373
Email Laura Shekerjian
Website: Ligmincha California

March 31–April 2, 2017

Location: Ligmincha International's Serenity Ridge Retreat Center, Nelson County, Virginia
Subject: Annual Spring Retreat: Meditation on the Six Lokas: Purifying the Obstacles to Enlightment
Contact: Ligmincha International, 554 Drumheller Lane, Shipman, VA 22971
Tel: (+1) 434-218-1290 (Registrar) or (+1) 434-263-6304 (Serenity Ridge Office)
Email Serenity Ridge Registration
Website: Serenity Ridge
Facebook Page: Serenity Ridge Retreat Center

APRIL 2017

April 28–30, 2017

Location: Paris, France
Subject: The Five Elements: Connecting with the Living Universe
Contact: Nathalie Duchanois
Email Ligmincha France
Website: Ligmincha France et Suisse romande
Facebook Page: Ligmincha France & Suisse romande

April 29–May 21, 2017

Location: Your computer
Subject: Interactive online course: 'Tibetan Meditation: Achieving Great Bliss Through Pure Awareness'
More information: www.glidewing.com/twr/meditation_home.html

MAY 2017

May 5–7, 2017

Location: Vienna, Austria
Subject: Sleep Yoga from the Bon Mother Tantra
Contact: Hanna Stegmuller and Heide Mitsche
Tel: (+43) 650 315 65 57
Email Ligmincha Austria
Website: Ligmincha Austria
Facebook Page: Ligmincha Oesterreich

May 12–14, 2017

Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Subject: A-tri, Part 5
Contact: Anneke Dekkers
Email for General Information
Website: Ligmincha Nederland
Facebook Page: Ligmincha Nederland

May 19–21, 2017

Location: Berlin, Germany
Subject: The Seven Mirrors of Dzogchen, Part 1 of 2
Contact: Carmen Dietrich
Email Ligmincha Berlin
Website: Ligmincha Berlin
Facebook Page: Ligmincha Berlin

May 26–28, 2017

Location: Bulle, Switzerland
Subject: Bringing More Light Into Our Lives
Contact: Guy Desbiolles
Email Guy Desbiolles
Website: Ligmincha France et Suisse romande
Facebook Page: Ligmincha France & Suisse romande


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